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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updates from Snow Town

LOL...that should be where we live's second name...Snow Town...after all, that seems all that it knows how to do around here.

Another view out our window (includes snow):
sitepic2 update from snow town today includes my most recent project.  I recently have taken up
 crocheting.  I did a baby hat not very long ago (or a beanie, as some people like to call them) turned out too small to fit any baby's head, but had the right shape and it was super-de-duper cute (don't have any photos to post of that here though).  Now I am making a blanket (I am doing one at a time, but I would like to do one for each of our kids...first for my daughter...and then our son).  I am also making sure that the blanket is just the right size instead of too small...after all, too small isn't good when it comes to blankets, right?!? :)

Anyhow...a pic. of my project as I have started it...and I'll post more as I progress and finish it.  I think it is super cute colors!!



  1. Its never to late to follow from a Friday Follow post. Lol. I am still hitting em. Youch! You cant help for all the people. Oh well, Lol. Thanks for dropping in, I am now following you as well. God Bless!

  2. Yeah, I grew up with snow and loved it.. now, I really don't miss it so much. I will take our mid 70's and sun today.

    Following you now too

  3. I'm following you now!

    You have a lovely family! Cute blog. =)

  4. Thanks for stopping by (Friday Follow). I'm now following you, too!

    I've heard that the most snow was about 80inches! I can't even imagine 10inches. I was away when we had the blizzard on Xmas.

  5. OH how fun! I would love to learn how to crochet! I AM SO JEALOUS!

  6. We are all stuck in winter forever, it seems:)

  7. Hi-I'm here following you back from FF, a little late-sorry.
    I was in line at Albertsons yesterday and it said on their check out TV screen that 49 states are dusted with snow right now. Hawaii is the hold out. So you are not alone!

  8. My sister does crocheting. So I have seen how daunting it can be. Way to go for trying.

  9. Hi! I'm following back from last week's Friday Follow, sorry I'm so late.

    Stay warm. It looks like you have a good excuse to sit home and blog all day. :-)


  10. Happy crocheting! Once you get the hang of it, it's such a fun way to pass the time while you're watching tv, or waiting. :)