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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its FINALLY Vacation Time!!

Justin and I will be celebrating our tenth Anniversary next week and what a better time to take a vacation?!?  We are actually going to break it up into two mini vacations but very, very, very cool ones!!  :)

First trip:

  • Me, Justin, and the kids will go to Gatlinburg this Thurs. and Fri. night and return on Saturday.  We will be staying at a nice hotel with an indoor water park (which the kids are very, very, very excited about)!!  Our friends Benjie, Barb, Gracie, and Hunter are going to go with us.  We have a hotel room (with two large bedrooms, a kitchen and all for all eight of us to camp out in while we are there).  How fun right?!?  I know my husband sure is counting down the days...okay I am too!!  :)
Second trip:
  • Justin and I will be returning to Gatlinburg while his Mom babysits our kiddos.  We have rented a nice cabin and it will be a nice and relaxing time.  We will be gone next Wednesday and Thursday nights and returning on Friday.  Aahhh...relaxation awaits!!  :)


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