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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breann WON!!!

bre9Remember a few months back when I posted about Breann winning the school spelling bee and we had to wait, wait, and wait some more for the snow to be over with so she could go to county.  Well...she finally got to go on March 10th and her Dad and I were there to see her win first place!!  We are SO proud and she is SUPER happy!!

Details: There were six kids from the county up for this competition in her grade and each took a turn at going up and spelling a word...if they missed a word, they had to sit down as they were out.  When they were down to the last two, each would take a turn spelling a word and if someone missed a word then the other contestant got to try to spell it, if they spelled it correctly they had to spell one more word correctly to win the competition.  The girl in second place missed the word lightning (she forgot to put the n before the ing) and Breann's winning word was
multiply.  All of the students did such a wonderful job!!

Anywho...we are super happy for our little girl...she studied SO hard for this.  Every chance she got she was studying.  After all, they gave her a list of 3,000 words to study.  Congratulations, baby girl!!  :)


  1. Congratulations!!! Oh you must be so proud!

  2. Congrats to her!! That is so awesome. I was always one of the first ones out during our class spelling bee, so I am very impressed

  3. I'm very pleased to hear how well she did. Again congrats to Breann. Also you're a great mom, cause it takes someone working with their child to encourage and teach them, good job.

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