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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God MUST Come First!! His Purpose for Me...

Okay, this is a first for me posting mainly about faith and God and the Bible. I have posted about my faith and God before but I don't know that I have ever posted anything entirely related to the topic. I want to change that, as God is a HUGE part of my life. He is the reason that I am here and who I am. I just read a book not very long ago (and you can find it under the books that I have read section) called The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here for? by Rick Warren.  I don't typically read self-help type books (as I believe in living my own life without anyone or anything besides God and the Bible instructing me on how to do I believe we all can find enough issues within ourselves if we only look in the mirror and stop pointing fingers at others), but this book really hit home and helped me to realize my purpose...more importantly GOD's purpose for me.  It wasn't just because of this book that I realized this, as I guess it also was through life experiences, etc., but I finally now get it...I am not here for my own purposes.  I believe that God puts us here for HIS purposes.  Anything that is not good is obviously not the purpose of God and is called sin.  However, it took me a long time to realize that EVERYTHING I do I must put God ifs, ands, or buts.  Sure, there are other things to do in life besides with the members at Church and all...I think we are meant to enjoy life as well (just with God in it) but when there are times that we are supposed to worship and serve God that is what we are supposed to do...serving and worshiping God MUST MUST MUST come first!

We wouldn't be here if God didn't want us here.  He gave us the life we live and He can take it away at whatever time He sees fit...we are here because of Him, if He didn't want us here He could very easily make that happen.  Point blank, everything has a matter how small or big...EVERYTHING has a purpose and EVERYONE has a purpose.  The purposes for God may sometimes change, but it is up to us to follow Him (through prayer, etc.) and fulfill God's purpose in the life He has given us and allows us to live.  Sure, things in life can bring us temporary rewards.  For example, a great career may be a super thing to some, but you can even serve God in some way in everything we do we have the opportunity to serve Him some how.  The career is great for now, but what is going to matter most is how we serve God...that is what will bring us the eternal rewards in Heaven.  The temporary rewards (such as life's present enjoyments, like the career or whatever it may be) are for this we use those rewards for God's benefit as well is up to us.  He is our God and we should want a relationship with Him...He is our Father and our Friend!!  :)


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