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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

This Easter was nice. 

Let's start with the Saturday evening before Easter. It was AWESOME! We went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant with my husband's sister and her family.  We then came home and colored eggs (see and Justin's sister, Gina, helped our kids and Gina's son, Cameron make their eggs all colorful and pretty). Then we went to Communion at our Church. It was a very nice service.


Then Sunday morning...we went to Church and throughout the day I reflected on what Christ has done for me...what a joy Easter truly is!!  I also teach Children's Church and we even had an Easter lesson and party for the children which I think they loved as much as I did...uh-hum.  :)  Anyhow...after we got back home we met up with Justin's Sister, Gina and her husband John as well as their son Cameron and we all went to the ballpark and hid eggs.  It made for a very adventurous and interesting egg hunt!!

My husband took these pictures...and I think he did a fabulous job!! :)

Hunting the eggs:


Counting the Eggs:

The tally ended up being: Breann: 21 Troy: 12 Cameron: 9

Then the kids asked Gina if she wanted to race them around the bases...
and guess what!!


They had SO MUCH can just tell by the looks on their little faces.  :)

And...who won there...I don't really know because there were kids who were cutting their race short and heading straight across the field instead of around the bases as they should have. LOL

It was a WONDERFUL and BLESSED Easter! May we ALWAYS remember the meaning of it!!


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