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Friday, May 14, 2010

BEAUTIFUL Waterfalls

img6506sitepicMy husband has known about some waterfalls that are nearby for awhile...I never knew about them until a couple of weeks ago when he got the fine idea to take me and the kids and show us.  They are on this BEAUTIFUL trail with bridges and rock wall steps and everything overlooking them.  BEAUTIFUL I am tellin' ya!!  :)

We also went ontop of this HUGE overlook (way, way, WAY high up there)...that is the pics we got from the mountain lookin' setting (and those photos are in the Members Area).

Anywho...these are a few photos of what we saw and more are in the Members Area! Again...BEAUTIFUL!!
Here is a couple of photos of water running off of the cliffs...the pics will enlarge for better viewing if you click on them.

waterfall92  waterfall23

img6501sitepic  img6502sitepic


  1. Wow very pretty. Makes me miss Upstate NY a little bit as there are a lot of waterfalls there.

  2. I am following you from Friday Follow;-)


    Jeanette Huston