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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS to Update!

A LOT has happened since my last post.  I actually had some of this to happen before my last post, but due to lack of time and just being busy have not posted a huge amount (which I am trying to change, as my blog is kind of like a journal for me to keep record of things that happen and also a storybook for my kids to find out about what has happened in our lives...which is VERY important to me).  I REALLY am going to try to update my blog as much as I possibly can and possibly even print out its pages so I can have a hardcopy of my life in storybook form as well.  :0)

Anywho...where to begin?!?  I now have began wearing many different hats, as some may call it...I had a lot of hats before, but I have a HUGE amount of hats now!  LOL  I recently applied for an Administrative Assistant position at a nearby office as I really enjoy that type of work and it would fit our family's schedule perfectly.  The hours are twenty hours per week and I would basically be off whenever the kids are and would be able to kinda' work around their schedule which is VERY, VERY, VERY important to me...I have always been here for  my kids and I don't ever want to stop that...they are two of the most important people in my life and I will never, ever take them for granted.  Although I know I am by far not the best mom, I strive to be and I hope my kids will find me to be the best mom for them.  Anyhow...back to the job...out of over seventy...yes SEV-ENTY resumes I got the job!!  I am basically able to choose my hours and I get benefits.  I also am even (at this point on a trial basis, which will go perfectly I am sure) able to take the kids to the office with me a few hours per day during their summer break.

Which comes the next topic, which seems to be my kids most favorite topic (besides God and family) at the moment.  Allowance!!  Justin and I have decided the kids, at the ages of nine and six are ready for their own spending cash, but they aren't going to be able to just be given each week's allowance.  They will need to earn their allowance.  We have decided that their behavior at the office will affect how much they will receive and they also have their own chore charts (in which both are striving to stick to...I haven't even had to remind Troy yet...he is coming home of the afternoons and saying, Oh, got to do my chores).  I LOVE each of the kids' motivation!!  They each have the ability to earn up to $10.00 per week, which is pretty good if you ask me for their ages.  :0)

As for yet another update...I am now considered a college graduate.  Yep, I earned my Associates Degree in the Arts and Sciences of Education on May 13th.  I feel happy, proud, and motivated all at the same time.  Happy because it has taken  me years to get (what could have easily been  only a year or two) this degree as I have been on and off with pursuing this degree.  The reason it has taken me this long is my busy life...truthfully, but it has been SO worth it (life and the degree).  I am proud of my accomplishment as I did my best and a lot of the semesters I even maintained the Dean's List.  I am motivated to always do my best as this is good for me as well as it sets a good example for my kids.  I did not go to the ceremony for my graduation as there were hundreds and hundreds and even hundreds more graduating.  I am still waiting to receive my degree in the mail at this point.

As far as family life...things are pretty much normal...Church, school (in which Friday is the last day before the kids summer break), and (for myself as well as my usual).

Yep, I am wearing many, many, many hats, but I am LOVING everyone of them and I am trying to make them as colorful as possible!


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