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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Kids First Week at the Office...

Well the kids had their very first week at my office this week. Although I know it isn't always an option for a lot of people (and it is understandable), I really don't want them to be watched by a babysitter.  From the time they were born, I have always said I would be the one to take care of our kids for as long as I am able to do so, and I am still doing it even though I am working now.  I braved the idea of asking my boss to allow the kids to come to the office with me during their summer break from school and they allowed it.  This way, they can pack up some toys and things and I am still able to be their caregiver.  For instance they enjoy having time to play their handheld games and some of the people at work bring their dogs to the office so they spend time with the dogs. Believe me! They find ways to spend their time. LOL  I am even thinking of using some printable sheets that I have in my kiddie stash of things to keep them occupied next week as well.  I don't want them to spend their lives playing electronics (although a few hours won't hurt), so we must also have other ideas to use.  :0)

Things that I will remember about their first week at the office is how although I packed their lunches first thing of the morning...they seemed to also think of me in return. Troy even went and got me my lunch one morning (I had already packed it and left it sitting on the counter but he knew we would be leaving soon so)...he said, Mommy, don't worry about your lunch. I already have it for you.

My boss decided to also make it fun for the kids to be at the office.  Their dad and I are giving them an allowance so we have decided to hand them their "paychecks" at the office in an envelope with each of their names on it.  A match for match type of thing (and their chores at home and their behavior while they are at home and away from home count as a part of this rewards system).  My boss decided to work with me on this (actually it was her idea about the meetings) and took the kids and I in the conference room on Thursday and had a "meeting" with the kids (which the kids LOVED).  Their meeting consisted of their jobs: being on time, being neat, being polite, being smart, etc. and they were "graded" on this in order to get their allowance.  Although they don't have any actual work to do at the office (besides play and obviously be respectful...which they are anyhow), they do have chores to do at the house so these also fit into whether they get their allowance. was VERY cute to see them sitting in the big conference room chairs acting like they were in some big meeting.  I told my husband I would never forget how I was there for their first meeting and how I was there for the first time they were handed an envelope with their "paycheck"...or uh-hum allowance in there...(but hey its an allowance for the summer while they are at the office which is great and I am glad my husband and I have decided to give this a trial run).  But the whole conference room thing to make them feel like they were in some huge was...well it was great!  :0)

This whole allowance thing though...I think it is a great thing...this is teaching them responsibility to do their chores at home and although they don't have actual jobs at the office they know they need to keep their spaces that they use at the office neat and tidy (such as cleaning up any leftovers from their lunches, etc.).  And whats is some extra spending money for them to use as they wish but they will be able to learn the value of money and how to save for what they want.  As for now this is kind of a trial run type of thing but if it works out we may even continue it after the summer ends and the kids are back in school...we shall see!

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  1. Hi! That's so fun that you get to take your kids to work with you, and the meetings and paychecks are great ideas! I used to go with my Mom to work sometimes when I was little, and I really enjoyed it!

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