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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Super Neat Project

 Well as I recently explained in an earlier post I am now working (and absolutely LOVING it)!!  My job is great and very flexible for my family.  So flexible that I am able to take the kids to work with me this summer during their break. 

this past week was the kids first week at the office and a lady in our office who helps with certain area school workshops, etc. pulled out a microscope which the kids had never really experienced before and the kids got to look at a variety of things under the microscope.  Some things they looked at were: the Nerd candy, a paper towel, a slip of paper, and a noodle (as I was having noodles in my lunch at the time).

They also got to experiment with some type of hand lenses where they got to go out and pick some grass and flowers and view them through the lenses.  I have to admit that I never had saw one of these and I even thought that was cool!!  :0) was a neat experience for the kids...they had never really looked at a microscope in real life, little on through it was very neat for them!!  This program has a huge amount of gadgets back in their area of the office and they have told the kids they are welcome to take a look and experiment with them as much as they would like...which the kids (and I) think is pre-tty cool!!


  1. WOW! That's so neat that they can come with you to work while school's out! wahooo! And how cool to get to use a real life microscope. Neat!!!

  2. love your blog
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