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Friday, December 24, 2010

Rediscovering Christmas Bible Challenge: Overall Thoughts

While this was a Bible Reading activity for the participants to read a chapter a night in Luke for Dec 1-24...we ended up reading Luke 1-24.  It was a GREAT thing for me to be able to read this during this Christmas season.  While I always make it a point to remember what the season is about, it helped me to keep things into perspective even more.  I REALLY enjoyed the part of being able to read these chapters with my family...all four of us sat down and read every single chapter together.  We didn't just read, we talked about it and REALLY discussed what we read.  I think this really  helped all of us to spend quality time together doing what matters most this season...keeping things in perspective in regards to what the true meaning of this season is. see the purpose of why Jesus came here from His Birth to His Resurrection during the month that we celebrate the birth of Him was an AWESOME thing!


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