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Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas At Our House...

And the decorations have been up (for awhile), the presents are wrapped, and the letters to Santa are written.

Troy's letter he wrote for Santa:

troyslettertosantaIt says:

Dear Santa,
I like Rudophs nose it is so cute. I wold love a dirt bike or a wii game a hunting a hunting adventure play kit! Or a grate big truck! Mostly a big real construction kit!

Troy's other letter to Santa (a project that his class did) made the newspaper!!


Troy's letter to Santa that made the newspaper says:

Dear Santa I wold love a dirt bike, 10000000 legos and real construkton.  Why does roodof have a red nose?  I want a art kit, hunting and fishing for a Wii, computer, pony pupy, remot control car, The end



This year, Breann's is like a card...

The front of the letter/card:

bresletterThe front of Breann's card says:

To: Santa Clause
From: Breann
Open Up with and arrow pointed to Rudolph and it says Rudolph.

The inside of the letter...

bresletter2Dear Santa,

     All I want for Christmas is for my mammaw to be better.  Maybe you only can bring us toys but...You can also pray for her.  I hope you do pray for her cause God can answer peoples prayers and he can make her better because he is God and he can do anything.  God Bless and Merry Christmas.



The bottom half of the inside:

bresletter3It says:

P.S. I hope you enjoy your milk and cookies!

It has a Christmas tree and cookies and milk on the table with an arrow and labels pointing to each.

1 comment:

  1. ha ha! Troy's letter is SO CUTE! Then again, they all are! :D

    Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!