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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bos Commands and Tricks

Bo is a little over six and a half months old.  He is an American Bulldog puppy that Troy (and my husband) just had to have.  Although we have successfully always housebroke our dogs, I think we are pretty amazed at how well he has caught on.  This video will show you how well he listens and is trained...he can sit, lay down, stay, and even does the "paw" trick.  He is a super-de-duper puppy and we love him and our Shih Tzu, Maisy very much!!  :0)

NOTE: Be sure if there is music playing to scroll down to where the player is and click the pause button on the music player before watching the video.

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  1. Very cute! That is awesome that you ahve the whole family involved in Bo's training. I think that is so very important.
    Beautiful family

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  4. AAAAAWWWW! This was a really nice post. I almost cried because our family dog just recently died of cancer. It made me miss her. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. What a cutie ... I do so love puppies!

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  13. Hi Jessica,

    I'm coming on over from JOT, it was nice to see you over there. When we first got our kitties we trained them to sit and stand up on their rear legs. I love to see your kids doing the training, though. How wonderful. My husband is longing for a dog these days, but we just don't have the space.

    I am over here in California and I just love those accents - yours and your daughters especially.

    Happy Tuesday

    ~ Francine

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  17. What a great dog! The kids are doing a great job with him too! Thanks for stopping by; following you via GFC.

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    Your dog is so cute,the kids are adorable! Can I have your puppy?lol
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