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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breanns County Spelling Bee

img7792sitepicBreann won her school's Spelling Bee for her grade this year and she went to county.  She studied really hard for her school Spelling Bee, but kinda' got discouraged with the bigger and foreign words for the county Spelling Bee.  Her dad and I tried to encourage her to study, and she did study during the last few days before the county competition.  Although she won county last year, she didn't this win some you lose some, but what I keep telling her is what matters most is to be able to say that you tried your best...and as long as she studies and puts her best foot forward for things like this she should never be discouraged.

She won last year, and didn't win the year before that...I think that the competition is helping her to see that sometimes you win things in life and sometimes you don't...I hope she just sees that as long as she tries her best, that her putting her best in everything she does is what really counts the most.

But...even though she didn't win county this year, she made it to county for her school's grade...her dad and I are very happy with her accomplishments!!  :0)

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  3. Congratulations to Breann.
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    Love this post. Let your daughter know that being able to spell is a skill she will be able to use all of her life. What a great gift. (I'm of course, not mentioning the "D" I got in spelling one year.)

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  5. Congrats to your little speller! Thanks also for stopping by my blog and commenting on our redone laundry room. It's been a blessing with a baby in the house! Thanks for the links to your blogs.

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  8. Sooo cute! I love reflections for the same reason; it's good to learn win some and lose some.
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  11. Congratulations! She worked hard and that's what counts!

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  13. That's awesome! I was a speller, too. When I was in 5th grade I won the school spelling bee...and ended up coming in 8th out of 52 in the county. I'm 30 now, so obviously that's something that makes a lifelong impact! Congrats to your little one!

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