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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Kids have Character!

bresschoolstuffWell don't we all...right?!?  We have some kind of character or another right??  Whether its good character or bad character...everyone has some character.  My husband and I try really hard to instill good characteristics in our children.  And just the other day Breann was selected out of her class for having good character (for responsibility).  We try to teach them to be giving, hard working, kind, caring, and loving people.  One of the most important things that we are trying to continuously teach our children is to put God first and everything else kinda' just falls into place from there.  Although everything else falls into place from there it has to do with the choices that we make...we make good choices then there is a good outcome, we make bad choices then there is a negative outcome, but if we put God first then those choices are easier to make.  Are our kids perfect, no...they make their share of mistakes, but that is something that I also think is helping them to become who they are (it is things they can learn from), but what counts is they do their best and are good people.  Are me and my husband perfect, nope but we also try our best with what we do and our family believes everything comes with putting God first.

Some ways we try to teach good character is (like I mentioned earlier in this entry) through giving via various projects such as a Christmas drive we have did for a few years now. isn't just about at Christmas...we also do it at other times of the year such as with the St. Jude's Mathathon Breann was involved with and even more ways than even giving to those people who stand outside a local shopping center collecting money for different fundraisers.

Something I have even did before is on the drive to school I will tell my kids no matter how large or small that at the end of the day I want them to be able to tell me one nice thing they did to help someone else that day.

The way we may show we care is through things such as having the kids help take care of our pets, etc.

The way we show love...well that can come pretty easily with such a great family, but God shows loves in so much of a better way than we ever thought we could and through Him we can show it even more than we normally would.

When it comes right down to it...I guess our faith helps us to develop our character.  Faith is very important to our family.  Breann has sang in church since she was in HeadStart or Pre-K and she still sings now.  Both of our kids ask questions to help them when they aren't sure which direction to turn.  I guess, it all comes down to faith and following God in developing our character.

What ways do you help your kids in being a good person (or have good character) there projects you do, is there something you do that is significant to helping them becoming and being good people??


  1. Cute blog! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm back by to say hello!

  2. We definitely try to teach our son to make good choices in his life. He's only 4 but we believe that you have to instill it while they are young so they have something to grow with.
    We're trying to teach our son about giving back to those that may not have as much as he does. When we are spring cleaning we always donate his toys/clothes to people less fortunate rather than throw them away. Its a great way to teach him about recycling and just being an unselfish person in this crazy world.

    We're new GFC followers. THanks for your comment on our page!

  3. What a great post. My daughter is 14 months, but she already knows how to pray and we sing about Jesus everyday. I think Faith, Love, and Forgiveness taught at a young age through the words of Christ will develop their characters and root them in a strong way.

  4. We have always tried to emphasize to our kids how to treat people with respect and decency and how to reach out to others -whether we know them or not. The world is full of opportunities to do that.

  5. Following you back :)
    I followed your other blog too! You are so talented!

  6. What a great post! We try very hard to instill good moral values in our children. It's not always easy, but leading by example is the BEST way to do that. Our faith plays a big part, too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now follow you, too!
    Off now to check out your other blog...
    Katrina in CA