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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day Goodies 2011


God gave us moms to love, to cherish and be fond of.

God gave us moms that are wise, to teach us, and make us have good lives.

God gave us moms to make us do right, and when we are sad to hold us tight.

God gave me you, you love me and I love you to!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

This was the card Breann made for me ...the front had I {heart} U Mom and then this poem that she wrote inside of it.  Awww...melts  my  heart!!

And...Troy made me his card at it is:

frontofcardfromtroy insideofcardfromtroy

On the inside he taped a pack of seeds and a little reading that says:

Here are some seeds for you to grow, to let you know I love you so! babies!!


  1. That is so sweet! I still have most of the stuff my kids made me. Very special memories!

    I am following you via TTT blog hop. Please follow me.

  2. Sweet! I love the hand made goodies!

  3. Found you on the Monster Hop! Newest follower!!

  4. How sweet! Handmade Mother's Day gifts are the best!