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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Blessed Weekend!

Well we had some really bad storms this past week and Justin had to work quite a bit but my weekend was filled with lilies that the kids got for me from our lilypads in the pond:


To...the best Mom getting the call for her lung transplant.

My Mom has had COPD for some time now...and has been on the transplant list for a lung transplant for over a year...nearly two years now I guess.  We have been traveling back and forth to Charlottesville during this time so she could keep up with her check-ups and possibly one day get her transplant.  I feel very happy to say that she finally got that call on Saturday, received the transplant on Sunday and it is now Tuesday and she is walking around and breathing better than she has in a long time!

This is a pic. I grabbed of "Moms Plan for the Day" sign in her room the day she was getting ready for surgery...she had a right lung transplant.


Here she is today:


This is also in the Members Area!


  1. Coming by from Dallas, Texas to say Howdy via the Where are you from Wednesday blog hop. I'm now following you via Google.

  2. Wonderful news! So happy for her!!!
    (thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments!)