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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Eleventh!

img101tcIt is so hard to believe, my daughter is now 11 years old I remember the baby she used to be and the toddler I used to chase after. Now she is continuously asking me questions for History or something else just to try to make the point that a fifth grader can be smarter. I am doing a pretty good job of helping to prove her right too!

I do know one thing for certain though...from the age I first became a mom at 19 to right children have taught me so much other than just the basics of having to learn about feeding, teething, and all of the rest that comes with being a mom. They did just that, they taught me how to be not only their mom but their friend. They helped me to understand what my mom has said for many years, there truly is nothing like a mother's love. I feel so blessed to be my kids mom!

Speaking of my mom, this birthday of Breann's was also very exciting as my mom got to attend the party with no oxygen tank.

I have photos posted up of the party in the Members Area

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