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Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Gatlinburg Weekend

vacation3sitepicWell with our busy lives it can be hard to find time for what matters the most, so...we decided to take a weekend and focus on some of the things that matter most...our family!  This past weekend we decided to take a trip to Gatlinburg.  We took the kids to Wonder Works and went was a fun weekend getaway!

Wonder Works was very interesting.  In the video you will see the kids and us doing a few different things such as some computer experiments, a hurricane simulator (love Troy's dance during the hurricane simulator), them rock climbing and them trying to find one purple bead/ball that was placed in a huge amount of beads/balls that were another color (we did not find the bead by the way).  And...although it wasn't caught on video, Breann did not want to try to make it to the top with the rock climbing at first, but then she decided to try again and she did make it to the top!

In the photos you will see much of the same things plus Justin doing the walk in the space area where the planets were (me and the kids chickened out...there were tight ropes) and the kids are also at an astronaut suit. 

Wonder Works was a pretty cool place! Justin and I also had to take a picture of Breann while she was in the car...she decided to stick stickers all over her mouth, silly girl...and I was joking with her saying how that was the first quiet moment we had since she had been born. LoL She is so adorable!  I love my kids!!

More Photos and a Video are in the Members Area!


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