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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Great Weekend and a Tasty Treat!

breannsfielddaySo...this past weekend was super, we had such a great time!

Breann had her County Field Day and placed third in Relay this past Friday.

Then later in the weekend, I made a veggie bar that my mom gave me the recipe for...and it was so yummy, we all loved it!! =-)

1. It is crescent rolls lined on a cookie sheet and bake them according to the directions. (unroll the crescent rolls when you place them on the cookie sheet to bake).

2. Then you mix a half a packet of dry Ranch dip mix and half a bar of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of mayonnaise together.

3. Let the crescent rolls completely cool before you top them with anything. Then after the crescent rolls are cool spread the Ranch dip mixture over the crescent rolls.

4. Dice up vegetables that you would like (I used tomatoes, broccoli, green onions, etc.) and you also spread shredded cheddar cheese ontop of the mixture along with the vegetables.

Veggie bar

And...back to the weekend update...later in the weekend we also went to the movies and took the kids out for ice cream before time for the movie.

And...Sunday we went to church and then had subs for lunch.

It was a blessed weekend!

More Photos are in the Members Area!

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  1. Ok seriously Jessica, that looks amazing. I really should not be reading this this late because now I want to hit the pantry for a snack! I am dropping by from the Freinds-Day hop to say hello. I would love for you to come by and say hello too. You can find me at Lovely to meet you and your blog!