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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day 2012!

This weekend was...blessed!  I was able to visit my Mom on Friday and we also visited my Mother-in-Law Friday evening as well.  On Saturday we (my husband, our kids, and I) went out to eat for my Mother's Day dinner, at an italian restaurant.  Today we went to church, where the church that we go to gave us moms a card with a CD with Christian music on it and then the kids in Children's Church made bookmarks for us moms.

My kids also made me these great cards (better than any store bought ones, in my opinion)!

Troy's card (first the front, then the inside and then the back):

Mother's Day card from Troy inside of Mother's Day card from Troy back of Mother's Day card from Troy

Breann's Card (front, one side of the inside, and the other side of the inside):

Mother's Day Card from Breann Mother's Day card inside of side 1 from Bre Mother's Day card inside 2 from Breann


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