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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lessons Learned...

During the years we raise our children there are many opportunities to teach them lessons: making the right choices and decisions, being responsible, and so forth and so on.  Sometimes we are able to teach lessons from circumstances and situations that present themselves to us.  Over the past few days there has been an opportunity to teach our children yet another lesson.  This lesson involved making the right choices, and even at their young age, how important it is to say "no" to drugs.  Our children are good kids, but we always want to guide them in the right direction.

I must admit, that this situation that presented itself not only taught our children something, but it also taught me as a parent and an individual how we need to always handle life's circumstances.  This situation that was a learning opportunity for our kids, also taught me how I should react to such a circumstance.  I've also learned that, even sometimes when I don't like to do so, that God requires me to forgive those who do us wrong.  It is an extremely difficult thing to do, to forgive someone when it affects your child, but by God's grace and through His guidance I am learning to do so.

So, yes, the past few days have been filled with lessons, not just for our kids, but for me as a parent and as a person as well.  This situation has taught us how we always need to make good choices, and about how honesty and forgiveness are the right things in all circumstances.  Some great lessons learned!


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