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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Son!


Ten's hard to believe!  It seems just yesterday we were in the hospital welcoming our baby boy into the world!  Over the last ten years, we've had joyful moments, sad moments, and we've had many blessings with our son.  Some joyful moments...welcoming this new life into the world, Pre-K and Kindergarten graduations, vacations, and so, so many more that could be listed.  Sad moments...the loss of my Dad and Troy's Grandfather, he reminds me SO much of my Dad...from him being so quiet and doesn't get in a hurry for anything to him enjoying the simple things and even enjoying staying home more than going places...that was how my Dad so many ways, I see my Dad in him, and that is such a blessing!  Yes, there have been many happy moments and some sad moments, but the happy times sure outweigh the sad times, and as said before, our lives are so blessed, and I feel they are even more blessed because of our son, Troy.  :) 

It fills my  heart with joy to see how Troy has such a kind heart, and he appreciates everything.  Whether it is something as simple as getting an ice cream or something as big as a vacation, he is sure every single evening to say "thank you" to the giver of that gift.  Every night before bed, he is sure to give his Dad and me a hug and tell us good night and that he loves us not only one but sometimes two and three (and sometimes even possibly more) times.  Troy's always one to think of others.  For example, his dog's birthday is the day after his, Troy wanted to be sure that his dog, Bo, got a dog treat or some other gift for his birthday...even if he had to buy it with his own birthday money.  Instead of buying it with his birthday money we offered to buy the treat for his dog, but he said he wanted to buy the treat himself, so Troy was offered the option to do chores around the house and earn an allowance to buy the treat, and he accepted that offer instead.  This boy is always thinking of others, and it warms my heart. 

Yep, the big 10, double digits, no longer a single digit age...and our friend told him the other day he would be in double digits until he turned 100...that is something to think longer a single digit for his age...a big milestone for him.  I am so happy, so blessed to be his Mom!  Such a great son and a great person...that is Troy!  Happy Birthday, my Son!  I love you so, so much!

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