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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All Bent Out of Shape!


This past weekend my husband was going to the gas station, backing out of our driveway and "crunch" came the sound from behind his truck.  To our dismay, we discovered one of the kids had left my husband's bicycle in the driveway at a spot that we have said several times not to leave any bikes (or anything else for that matter), after all, this was not the first time we had ran over a bike!  Anyhow, this bike was now clearly bent all out of shape!

In this situation something that was clearly not meant to happen did happen.  My husband's bike got ran over and it just may be ruined as it may not able to be fixed.  The warped tire and the bike all twisted up, made me think, how many times do we also get bent out of shape?  Whether we, as normal human beings, get nervous/anxious, upset or angry, or even what about those times we mess up and make a mistake and are really hard on ourselves for it, why do we even let our lives get to that point?  We, as normal human beings, should make it the new "normal" not to be this way, but to pray!  With the Lord we are not ruined, all things are possible with God;  so our lives should never be bent out of shape, we can overcome obstacles!

The Lord has a purpose for each and every one of us.  If we are in a situation where we are feeling nervous or anxious, maybe the Lord is trying to teach us to pray even more and rely on Him to direct our path rather than spending time being anxious.  For those times we are feeling anger the Lord may be trying to teach us patience and forgiveness.  Last, but not least, when we are upset the Lord may be trying to teach us understanding.  There is something to learn from every situation we are placed in (no matter how big or small the lesson, there is something we can take with us for a lesson in almost any situation we are in).  Whether it just be a lesson or something else, the Lord has a purpose for everything that happens.  In this case I thought about how this bike being bent out of shape sometimes can so relate to our lives, which leads me to the Bible verse that I am thinking about, Romans 3:10 reads: As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one.  The Lord is good in all things, if we are upset, anxious, or just going through a hard time, we don't need to get bent out of shape, we need to pray and let God guide us and help us take care of every situation, we're not perfect, but the Lord is good and He can help us.  With the Lord in control we can never lose and we will always be in the greatest shape we can possibly be in as long as we follow His guidance!  This world may not be perfect, but we may just have that shape we are looking for (by not getting bent out of shape) if we let the Lord control all things!  What a great lesson, by just comparing how we handle life with a bent up bicycle!

1 comment:

  1. I hate when I get my ego in the mix and start feeling like things are happening TO me. Instead of realizing that life has its ups and downs and my job is to stay alert with open heart, ears and eyes for God's next step. I forget to trust him that, truly, he has great and wonderful plans for me!