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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flat Tire?

This Sunday evening, I sit and I think about the Church service we just attended.  There is SO MUCH that fills my heart.  I try to regularly read the Bible, but there are times I neglect to do so.  There was much of the sermon about how we need to spend time in God's word, and it is SO important.

Learning God's word is important and seeking to be closer to God is important...spending time in His word is one of the ways that we can do that!  I think that this sermon was made for me (while others there may have thought it was meant for them as well, and it very well could have been and should have been...we all need to spend time with the Lord and reading His word)!  I am about to start an eight week Bible Study tomorrow called Loving like Jesus, and I am very excited to see what the word has included that will speak right to my heart.  I think that this sermon came at a great time for me! 

The sermon also kinda' goes with this entry, notice I titled it "Flat Tire" and I did so for a reason!  This weekend Justin tried to mow the yard and discovered he had a flat tire on the mower so he had to fix that before he could mow.  A simple thing such as a flat tire made me think though.  How often are we in our faith running with a "flat tire" and just kinda' stuck where we are?  It's kind of the same thing with our faith (and just about anything else in life) as it is with a vehicle.  If there is a flat tire on a vehicle, we probably aren't going to get anywhere, we are probably stuck at the place we are until we get that flat fixed.  Well with our faith it is much the same way!  If we fail to pray, read our Bible, and spend time with the Lord then we also are kind of like a vehicle with a flat tire, we sometimes may not really make a move in one direction or the other, we become stuck (and may even get a little rusty)!  To move in the right direction we need to do what is right and keep close to the Lord (I find that praying and reading my Bible are great ways to do that)!  After all, I don't want to run on a flat tire, I want to run on a tire (also, in this case, known as my faith) that will keep me moving in the right direction!  Have I said I am excited about that Bible Study I am starting tomorrow?  :-)

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