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Monday, February 24, 2014

A Time to Build!

Justin and I have been trying to encourage our kids to spend time doing things that do not involve electronics. Sure, they still want to spend time on electronics, and we're not completely taking away the electronics, but we are trying to limit our whole family's use of electronics. As you can imagine (and may have even experienced), with so many electronic gadgets and neat things to do and see with electronic devices this can be quite the challenge, not only for our kids, but for all of us! We are trying, however, each and every member of our household family to put down the electronics just a little bit more and spend more of our time doing more productive things (such as spending time together, etc.). 
 I am by no means saying that the electronics are not at all beneficial. A lot of people (us included) enjoy time on electronics, whether it be playing a video game or checking a family member or friend's Facebook status to see their latest photos and happenings. If you enjoy doing something it is not completely a waste of time. It is a challenge though, with today's fast paced world (which mainly involves technology/electronics of some sort), to not have some electronic gadget in our hands though. Our family has been trying to make it a point to limit a bit of our time on electronics and do other things as well to manage our time more wisely. Anyhow, as I went upstairs, I found this...


no video game controller was in his hand at the time. I enjoy his smiles while he is on his video games...he really has fun on them, but I love seeing him do other things as well! This time I found him building something with his blocks, he wasn't just building with his blocks though, he was building memories. Just another moment captured in a photo! :)

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