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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dancing to the Music!


"You got my baby picture from my mirror in the picture,"  Breann said as she put on her concealer this morning.  "Yes, it is hanging on your mirror so I made it a point to," I replied.  "Why," she asked.  "I have my reasons, just keep on doing what you need to do," I replied.  As she continued to apply her make-up I asked her, "do you need any help?"  She looked at me and replied, " With what?"  I offered to help with her make-up, not because she needed it, so I wasn't surprised when she told me she didn't need help, but because today is a memory, a milestone, and I'm capturing and taking in every single moment of it. Other than her 7th grade prom, this will probably be one of the (if not the) last elementary school dance for year she will be in high school.  They decided to have the dance today for Valentine's Day, as last week they were out of school for inclement weather.  A bittersweet time.  She may not understand it now, but as she gets older, she will realize why I am "capturing this moment in time" for her.  As she becomes the great woman she will become and as she becomes a mom (if she actually has kids) she will realize why I am "documenting this moment."  Truth be told, she probably will always remember THIS moment!  She will remember me being in her room as she got ready for the dance, the way I had my camera ready (as photos sometimes say more than words ever could), and she will remember me offering to help her get ready.

 So...yes, Breann, I included the baby picture that is hanging on your mirror in the photo of you getting ready for, this, your last Valentine's Day dance of elementary school.  While you were applying your make-up and looking at the teenage acne on your face, I was looking at you...the real you!  I was looking at your beauty!  It's obvious you are growing into a beautiful young lady, but you are also just as beautiful on the inside.  

I was also looking, first of all, at that baby were all smiles and your last year of elementary school had not even entered our thoughts yet!  You probably don't remember it, but I remember you getting aggravated during those baby photos, you were tired and cried, but some of the photos turned out so great and captured your smile too.  You brought your dad and I so much happiness then, and you still put a smile on our faces now.

In this picture of you getting ready for your last Valentine's Day dance of elementary school, I also captured more of your life now.  If you'll look, hanging on your mirror in the upper right corner, you will see a part of the necklace that you have hanging there.  It's your necklace that you wanted so much from Building 429, it reads "We Won't Be Shaken."  I love that you have a good taste in music, that you know that songs are much more than just the beat of the music, but also the words that are included in them as well.  I'm thankful you love Christian music.  Your dad and I have never forced you to listen to Christian music, not ever.  When you discovered it though, it was like you developed such an interest in it though.  You may not think I notice, but I notice and I'm so happy that you've made the choice to listen to good, decent music.  I love that when I tip-toe into your room every single night, while you're asleep, and I turn down your music that is blaring from your stereo, that what I am turning down is a good choice for you to listen to.  I'm thankful the music you listen to is not something I have to tell you to turn off and that it's something that I choose to only turn down at night so the rest of us can sleep rather than turn what is coming from your speakers completely off.

As you are getting closer and closer to finishing, this, your last year of elementary school, I want you to remember how much truth is in those four words on your necklace, "We Won't Be Shaken."  You are about to sign up for high school classes very soon!  High school will be VERY different from elementary.  As you enter high school, college, the working world, and any other aspect of your life remember that...YOU will not be shaken!  Psalm 62:6 (ESV) reads, He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. / (KJV reads)-He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.  Remember that with every choice you make.  As school changes for you, as life changes for you, always look to Jesus, don't let anyone or anything make you choose something that will move you from the place where the Lord would have you.  As circumstances change, you should only change for the better, don't be shaken or moved from where you should be for the Lord.

Last, but certainly not least, something else I notice in this picture is YOU...the you now.  I look at your baby picture...that same baby picture that is hanging on your mirror and I look at this picture of you...the you that is reflected back from the mirror...the teenage you and I realize how much you have changed, but I also realize how much is still the same.  You are still my baby, even the teenage version of you!  Although you aren't smiling in this picture (as you were busy getting ready), your smile still lights up the room, your laugh is loud and heard and I love it.  You appreciate life and you show kindness to many.  You may not technically be a baby anymore, but you're still my daughter, and I am grateful!

So, today, and everyday, dance to the music!  Yes, dance to the music at the Valentine's Day dance, but with the right song choice, find your own rhythm, follow Jesus, and dance!

Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp. -KJV Psalm 149:3

Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre! -ESV Psalm 149:3

As you "dance," Bre, know that I will be there watching and cheering you on as long as you always are dancing to the right music in life.  I couldn't be happier to be your Mom!  I love you, my sweet daughter!

Today, I think will be memorable for both of the kids as it was Troy's Fifth Grade Valentine's Day dance as well.  Here are photos of the kids after they had gotten ready for the dance:


More Photos are in the Members Area!


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