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Thursday, April 10, 2014

When I Knew They Made It Their Home

We don't even have the foundation started, not the "material" foundation anyhow.  There is a big pile of wood where the old school house used to be.  So we have a long way to go on building the house.  The other day Breann was just saying how she wanted to still live where we are living now.  My husband, on the other hand, is making plans to start building a house up at the new property that we bought very soon.

As I sat and watched them last Sunday though, I realized that although the "material" foundation is not started, the foundation that counts is already there.  Our family is there, and we are the true foundation of our home.  I also realized that although we had stuff to make Smores, the kids were asking to play a little while longer before eating chocolate.  They were turning down chocolate to play at the new place.  There were smiles, laughter, and we stayed up there almost all day.  Yes, the house isn't even built, but THIS is home!  Where our family is, with or without the house being built, is home!

Sunday we built homemade swings, tire swings, and had Smores.  I took photos of flowers growing on our new property.  My husband and I also found what we think is the old school house's bell pulley, which I also took a photo of.  A lot of memories were made this past weekend.  Yes, family is home!












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