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Friday, June 6, 2014

Breann's Seventh Grade Prom/Dance!

It seems like only yesterday I was watching my daughter sing in her Pre-K or Kindergarten class talent shows, and now, today, yes, today, I get to watch her walk into her Seventh Grade Prom/Dance.  Where has time gone?  Has it really been that many days, that many years, since she was in Kindergarten?  

I want to make this day as special as she is. Although it's impossible to really make any day as special as the person my daughter truly is, I will try my hardest. From having our nails done together a few days or so ago, to lunch out with friends today, to getting her make-up and hair done later on, and even my brother and his wife and their son sharing in her special day along with my husband, our son, and me, I'm sure this day will be one that will be a great memory for her!  It will be a great memory for me!

After this evening, this, her Seventh Grade Prom/Dance, will be another great memory we will have of my daughter's school years.  Just like her talent shows, her school plays, and the many other memories we already have of her school years.  Time seems to be flying by!


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