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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Part of Mom

Practicing quilting with scrap fabric. 

The other day I was really wanting to call my Mom and have a conversation with her...just to talk to her. After all it's pretty much became a daily routine for us to talk on the phone at least once daily. It occurred to me at that same instant that I couldn't call Mom though. She's gone from this Earth, no more phone conversations.

A few days or so later I became really motivated to start on a quilt. The quilt is going to have Mom's fabric/clothing as the squares/patchwork. It makes it even more special to be using Mom's sewing machine. I'm just now learning to quilt, but I'm determined and motivated to learn...with my Mom's machine and some motivation this quilt is going to be so very special. This quilt is going to contain at least a part of my Mom from some of the things she loved!


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