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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Birthday 2014

Today has been a bittersweet birthday. Every birthday, for 32 years, I've had my Mom to at least call and/or visit on my birthday. She was, at least, able to be a part of my day. Every year it was something I had come to expect, Mom usually called every morning of my birthday, usually before I was even awake...just so she could say "happy birthday" before I even started my day. I missed that call this morning. This is the first of several birthdays I will never get that call again.  It makes my heart heavy just from the thought. Some days I wonder how I will ever do this big thing called life without Mom here.  Two weeks ago was the day we buried her and it already seems forever ago.

On the other hand, my day was filled with several birthday wishes from several of my family and friends and I really appreciate it. I also have a great work family who celebrated with me with a cake. Plus my family and very best of friends were a part of this day to make me smile and laugh even when I wasn't sure I felt like smiling and laughing. I really appreciate it and I love all of my family and friends.   I'm thankful for everyone who has helped in celebrating my birthday!


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