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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Trip to the Zoo July 2014


Our trip was also known as our "scenic walk."  When our kids asked my husband where we were going last weekend, he told them a "scenic walk."  A "scenic walk" was exactly what we took last Saturday!

As we walked along the zoo's sidewalk we saw so many neat creatures (some of these kinds of animals we were seeing for the first time). It amazes me at how much the Lord has blessed this Earth with so many different creatures, each with their own purpose!


While our "scenic walk" was filled with animals, it was so much more than that! It was us getting to feed the giraffes, our daughter sitting next to the birds trying to get them to talk when we took time to rest, and it was the photos we got of our family and the memories that were made (including all of us feeding the giraffe, which we also have a photo of).


More Photos of our Zoo Trip/"Scenic Walk" are here: [Photos Part 1] | [Photos Part 2] | [Photos Part 3]


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