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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your Eighth Grade Year


As we sit outside reading our books (something we both enjoy) on this, the next to last day of your school's Summer Break we also talk about your upcoming 8th Grade year. Instead of me dropping you off at the elementary school building, I'll be dropping you off at school on Friday and watch as you go into the high school building. As I watch you walk in, I'll be happy and excited for everything the future holds for you, but also sad you're growing up so fast.

There's a ring that you wear. In fact, you can see the ring you wear in this picture. You found this ring in your Mamaw's jewelry box. You asked me just the other day if we could get a ring resized if we needed to, because you wanted to keep this ring that belonged to your Mamaw. I've noticed how often you wear this ring, and I also realized at that moment, it was so much more than just a ring to was something of your Mamaw's and that was special to you.

You've had a hard Summer Break from school, as losing your Mamaw has not been easy for either of us. We'll think about your Mamaw and how we often talked to her before my work and your school mornings, and we'll hold her memories close to us, but we must continue to live. I tell you this because I had to experience that change on my first day back to work after your Mamaw passed and you'll notice that change on the first day of school when the phone doesn't ring with her on the line, as she called nearly every morning to talk to us on your way to school. A lot of my memories of you starting school includes your Mamaw and she knew how smart you was (and still are). I even remember your early morning phone calls (it was barely daylight) to your Mamaw, she was always an early riser and she looked forward to those calls. Think of the good times, look to the Lord, and continue on when you miss her. She was a part of your morning school routine...just simply talking on the phone. Don't forget that, but cherish those moments, and still be happy and do your best.

May this school year be filled with memories of those (past and present) you'll always treasure. I also hope it will be filled with days where you'll learn many new things, both from textbooks and with life experiences. It is my hopes you'll continue to grow as a person, but most importantly grow with the Lord.

When the days are tough look to Jesus, the Lord is the only One who never fails! Look to God even on your brightest days. Always, yes, always be thankful. You're so blessed, and so am I, because I, dear Daughter, get to be your Mom, and I love you more than you'll ever realize!


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