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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Justin and Troy's Day of Hunting and My Seeing the Happiness in the Mud in Our Floor!

I'm being completely honest when I say that this mud...yes, this mud right here...


Plus the mud that I saw in a trail all the way down the steps as I was coming downstairs this morning, and even the mud I saw in the kitchen chair from my son's boots brought a smile to my face. At first I was curious, I saw the mud in the hallway (before going downstairs), and as I met my husband in the hallway I asked him where all of the mud came from, "It's from Troy," he replied. As I continued to make my way downstairs I saw mud (almost with each step). was in the instant I came downstairs, and I saw our son finishing up his cereal that I realized why there was mud. The mud was from his boots. Troy was all ready for hunting...he had his coveralls on, his warm clothes, and his hunting boots, ready to go out hunting with his Dad. This...even the mud is bringing a smile to my face.

Something I realize is that way too soon, I'll miss those clumps of mud in the hallway, on our steps, and even in the kitchen chair, because our son will be all grown up (but even then I hope him and his Dad find time to hunt together...and even then I will welcome his clumps of mud). I must admit that every year Justin tries to take a picture of him and Troy hunting together (here's the photo from 2013, and even a bit further back, the one from 2010), and these are pictures that I really love, because it's something they both enjoy doing together, and something they'll both remember (the pictures will help them do that as well). In fact, I've come to expect a yearly picture (I reminded my husband to take one this morning), as I enjoy seeing these pictures.

I guess the reason I see happiness in the clumps of dry mud in our floor is not because the floors were messy, but because of why they were messy.  In those dry clumps of mud, I saw the effort that Troy made to get ready (coveralls, hunting boots, and all), and how he didn't pay attention to the mud he left behind, but he was looking forward to and paying attention to the day with his Dad. So, yes, I am being honest...those dry clumps of mud brought a smile to my face this morning...they brought a smile to my face because of this...


Justin and Troy's 2014 times of hunting!

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