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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sometimes the Small Things are the Greatest!

A lot of times it seems like it is the little things that I seem to enjoy most in life!  Things that the Fall season brings...things like Apple Butter on my toast for breakfast...

Apple Butter Toast is a great way for me to start a Fall morning!

I also appreciate the effort my husband took to get me this freshly picked mistletoe.  Instead of getting store bought mistletoe, since he is in the tree industry (he is an Arborist after all), he climbed a tree and picked this mistletoe for me, and I'm loving great is it that it's freshly picked!


My husband climbed a tree last week and brought me home this mistletoe! :)

I realize that sometimes the small things in life are the greatest!  Apple Butter Toast is delicious. My husband climbing that tree wouldn't have been as easy for me (he does have many years experience, after all), but I would choose his handpicked mistletoe over the store bought any day, it's something so special to me, and it will be something I'll always remember.  I'm so blessed!


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