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Monday, December 8, 2014

As We Send Out Christmas Cards...

The kids are at school, Justin is at work, the house is clean, the laundry is almost finished (the last loads are now in the washer and dryer), and, I can sit down and do what I've been eager to do all day!  I get to sit down and address Christmas cards for us to send out.  


Most (if not all) of these cards will have a photo or two (or more or less) inside.  These cards will have a message from us wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, as we think of all of our dear family and friends during this special occasion/season.  Most importantly though, these cards will talk of God's love for us.  The Lord sent His Son to die for us so that we have the opportunity to have everlasting life, if we choose to accept that gift.  What a gift that is!


During this time, as I fill out these cards, I think of all of those who are close to us, family and friends, but I most importantly think of the greatest gift that the Lord has given each and every one of us.  He sent His Son to die for us, so that we have the opportunity to have everlasting life.  Oh, how He really, really does love us!


It is a bittersweet time this Christmas.  I get to celebrate it with those dearest to me.  The birth of Jesus is the greatest birthday ever!  My husband and our kids mean so much to me, and I get to celebrate Christmas with them.  This is a happy occasion!  It is also a sad's sad, because I don't get to celebrate Christmas with my Dad, and it will be our first Christmas celebrating without Mom.  I think though...because of God's greatest gift...His Son...and the gift of Salvation, I have the opportunity to one day see my parents again, and what a celebration that will be!


As for now though, I am going to enjoy the time the Lord has blessed me with here on this Earth.  I am going to enjoy filling out these Christmas cards, and even laugh as I lose the tape what seems like a million different times while wrapping Christmas gifts.  I'm going to drink something warm...most likely coffee, and enjoy the Christmas lights out on display.  I am even going to make great memories...memories that will last a lifetime!  

While it saddens me to realize that I don't get to spend even one second of this Christmas with my parents, I am still thankful.  What great memories of Christmases past I have with them, and that is something to be thankful for!  I'm also very, very thankful, and very, very happy to have the great people that I have in my life to spend this Christmas with.  I couldn't ask for a better husband and I couldn't ask for sweeter kids.  Then I think of all of these people that we are sending these Christmas cards out to, and how great that be able to know so many people, and to be able to call them family and friends!  

Most importantly, I think of why we celebrate, and that brings me happiness.  I think of why we are sending out these cards, and why we give gifts to others during this time of year.  Jesus, He is the Reason why.  What a great birthday we have to celebrate!  May we never forget that.  Because of Jesus and what He has done, I can smile this Christmas, I can celebrate this Christmas with family and friends, and for that I am grateful!




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