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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Day...

Has been filled with errands, and I am happy that I did get the Christmas cards mailed out!


It has been filled with time with my kids, as they had a day off from school, and I was off from work today (as I start my new job this Friday).

My day has included warm chili (with cheese) for lunch.


My day has even included a phone call to my Mom's Sister (also known as my Aunt).  We talked of Mom and how we miss her.  As we talked today, we even shared memories we have of Mom.  Talking to my Mom's Sister reminds me of Mom so much...they look so much alike, and in a way, they even sound alike.  It's days like today that I wish that I had more than just memories and photos of Mom, I wish she were here to share the day with us.  Perhaps this is why I love photography as much as I do.  Once a moment passes you by, you still have photographs and memories...and oh, how dear they are!

I've enjoyed the day.  Even though I miss Mom, I enjoyed the time I've had checking off things to do on my list for Christmas (hey, I even got the Christmas cards mailed out).  I've enjoyed time with my kids today.  It was great to talk with my Aunt.  The warm chili on a cold day was an added bonus!  :)


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