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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kindness Matters...It Really Does!


As I type this, there is a bag of clothes upstairs waiting to go to our church (for our church's Shepherd's Closet). Each month our church hosts a Shepherd's Closet, which is an opportunity for the families who are in need of clothing to come to our church and get some of the clothing that has been donated by others for this cause. So, I've been having our kids to bag up the clothes they no longer can wear, and give them to the church for this purpose.

Purpose, it really is! This cause, this once a month opportunity for families in need, it is a purpose that can be added to our lives. It's a purpose to be kind, to help those in need.

The other day I was on my way to work, and my husband and I were riding together. He decided to stop by Mcdonalds to get him some breakfast (I really didn't want anything, I had my coffee in my to-go cup, and all was well with me). As we got to the drive-thru window the girl who handed him his food gave us a Frappé, they had an extra one made, and they offered it to me. I already had coffee in my to-go cup, but I was so happy by their kindness with the offer of the Frappé that I gladly took the drink that they offered. It was something simple, but their kindness helped to start my morning off great!

Simple things, small things, things that may not seem like a really big deal to us, may mean something huge to someone else. For instance, those clothes that people donate for such a great cause, that means helping to provide clothing for people in need. No matter how huge or how small, kindness is kindness, and it does matter!  We all can show kindness, and we need to.

We have this decorative plate that sits in our kitchen that reads Kindness Matters Show the Love, and that is definitely true!



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