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Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Ring

I've been participating in a photography challenge, to help improve my skills with my camera. I don't think anyone can ever be too perfect with a camera, and this gives me a chance to take pictures with various assigned projects, so I can practice my photography. Sometimes these projects give me an opportunity to blog/journal about what was assigned as well. Which is a good thing! It gives me the opportunity to journal just a bit more of my life!

Today's assignment was to take a picture of something I wear. I decided to take a picture of this ring that I wear. This ring is almost always on my finger. It's my family ring.


It has each of our names...mine, Justin's, and the kids' names on it. Our birthstones are also in this ring. I got it for Christmas from Justin and the kids one year, and I love it. It means a lot to me because it has a little about our family, our birthstones and our names, all with hearts in this ring!  A little of our story on my finger.


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