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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our Little Corner 2014


This E-book's About/Dedication Page:

Another year has come and gone. I type this on 01/01/2015, as I finish up my ebook
for 2014. This e-book of my blog posts includes many special things, many
memories...some good, some not so great, but all memories that our family has

In 2014 we bought our first camper and went on many camping adventures, Breann
had her Seventh Grade Dance/Prom, I got some pretty neat pictures of Troy and
our dog Bo, and my Mom passed away. As you can probably tell, there have been
many smiles and some tears in the year of 2014, but I consider myself blessed to
have photos and my blog posts (which I turn into e-book form) to help us
remember this time in our lives.

With the e-book I've added the photos and videos I've taken throughout the year.
While the photos in the e-book may be low quality, the same photos that are added
to a folder on the e-book's disc/CD are high quality. There should be a photos and
a videos folder with this content in it.

Most importantly, I dedicate this e-book to our family. You're one of my
main reasons for doing help you (as well as myself) remember the special
times in our life. I love each of you!



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