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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year!


As I sit here and reflect on yesterday, and on what is now last year, I think of the good times during the year: Breann's 7th Grade Dance/Prom, Our Visit to the Zoo, Our Family's First Camping Trip (and we had many camping adventures last year), Justin and Troy's Hunting Days, The Day We Hiked The Channels (and seeing all of the beautiful scenery God has placed there), and I think of the many other fun days and milestones that we had during the year.  There were many, many great times.  Many good memories were made in 2014!

While I sit here though, I also must say that 2014 was one of the hardest years of my life...and it is still a learning experience for me on how to fill the void that the 20th day of June of last year brought with it. You see, last year I had to say a long good-bye to my Mom, but I have the faith that I'll see her one day again in Heaven.  This is what I keep telling myself, it was only a long goodbye, not a final one!  Anyhow, I miss Mom, and therefore, 2014 was not the greatest year on record for our family.

It is my hopes that 2015 will bring much happiness for our family and friends, and for whatever sorrow or sadness it may bring that it's of a small amount and something that the Lord will lead us through.  I hope the Lord will guide my steps to be where He wants me to be this year and in life.  It is also my hopes and my prayer that the Lord will be right in the center of our family, in the center of our home, right in the heart of it...leading our family in and with every single thing that we do.

May I show kindness, love, care, and the Lord's light...the light He would have me to shine throughout this year and throughout my life.  It is my prayer that in 2015 I'll find that there are more happy times than sad, more laughter than tears, my Bible will be well read, my heart will love well and feel loved in return (as the Lord, my family, and friends do so wonderfully), and I pray that in 2015 that I do whatever it is that God needs and wants for me to do this year.  May I say yes to everything I am supposed to do for the year, and say no to things that are not meant for me just as well.  I hope and pray to continue on this journey that the Lord has me on, following Him with everything I do and everywhere I go. It is not my intention to take any part of this year for granted, but to live it the way that God designed for me to.  That's what I want!  I'd really like to be God focused, intentionally focused on life and my purpose with it.  

Happy 2015!


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