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Friday, March 27, 2009

Myrtle Beach Vacation 2009

Hello, from Myrtle Beach! Yep, that is right! I am sitting here overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as I type this out. Of course, it is night time and the kiddos are all bathed and ready for bed so I took a moment to upload these pics. I would've waited until I got home to upload these pics., but...we have dial-up at home and high speed here so...since we are sitting here RELAXING I thought now would be the perfect moment to do this!

Okay...first of all, we have did most of what is on the list to do...but we have been pretty flexible, after all, it is vacation!

Thursday we arrived at Myrtle Beach around 3PMish and enjoyed the evening at the hotel. After all this hotel is HUMUNGOUS...GIGANTASAUROUS or has indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, an indoor sauna, raquetball, an exercise room, a bar (which my Mama would be proud to know that "No, Mom, I am not attending"), a restaurant, an arcade room that the kiddos (and Justin are LOVING), and even more! There is enough to just do in the hotel. We have a living area, a bedroom separate from the living room, a balcony (with a room on the 19th out of 22 floors), and a kitchen. Needless, to say we have been eating our meals outdoors, seeing as how we are right on the ocean!

Okay...Friday, we went to the Bass Pro Shop.

Then we went to Barefoot Landing (a HUGE shopping spot)!

And...then we went to the zoo and little did I know that we were right next to HUGE pythons when we were paying our way to get in the zoo...I almost cried I was so terrified!! After we got passed the pythons was smooth sailing from then on.

After, we got back to the hotel...Troy had a nap and after Troy's very brief nap, we also went out to the beach and played a bit...

First, my husband went out and wrote our initials in the sand!

The kids tried to build a sand castle...until the waves came up on us and even got my flip flop and the wonderful husband that I have ran out and got it for me.

Oh! The flip flops and toe nails...mine and Breann's toe nails did all wonderful like!

The kids and us played around in the sand for quite awhile...and...

Well, now I am kicked back and ready to watch a movie that we just rented from the front desk.Tomorrow is another big day! It will be off to Broadway at the Beach and out to some nice seafood place.

Pics. from today...





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