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Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are...

"Beach ready", according to my Mother-in-Law!

We are leaving for Myrtle Beach on Thursday and will be gone until Sunday! I still am not sure of what our schedule will really consist of. I know that we want to go to the beach, of course, and also to the zoo and a few other places like maybe Broadway at the Beach and my husband will probably want to (most likely) go to the Bass Pro Shop they have around there. So...we shall see. We also have most of the items on my list purchased and only are needing to pick up a few other things. Other than that we are pretty much going to go with the flow of things and are ready to go!

I got my hair cut yesterday and my Mother-in-Law (did not cut my hair but she) highlighted my hair with the Caramel highlights earlier today.

A before pic.!


An after pic.!


Oh! Mother-in-Law did mine and Breann's fingernails as well as toenails! I must also include mine and Breann's manicure that we got done thanks to my Mother-in-Law, but I will only include the fingernails here and maybe I will include the toenails from a beach pic.!



  1. Your looking good. We love Mytle have so much fun, can't wait to see your pics. I love Broadway on the beach and my husband loves the Bass pro shop. I also liked the other shopping area that is next to the aligator park. Your kids might like that.

  2. Y'all look FABULOUS and I know you are going to have a GREAT time!!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by have fun at the beach we love Myrtle Beach! Cute blog!

  4. Have fun at the beach. It's summer here and we can't wait to go to the beach soon.

    You look great! I love having highlights on my hair too.

    Great manicure. Your MIL is so nice to do that for you and Breann.

  5. Hope you are having a FABULOUS time!