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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And Here's To Twelve!

Twelve happy years that is!  Twelve years ago today my husband and I started dating and it was one of the greatest moves in life I ever made.

Jessica and Justin Engagement PhotoWe have experienced a lot together over the past twelve years...the good, the bad, and the beautiful!

Such as...

Seeing the world together and all it has to offer (shown below, us at Myrtle Beach, Disney, Jefferson's Rotunda, and the Grand Ole Opry):
familyatepcotsce5 pic1 Me and Justin at the Rotunda sd5311922go9

Us building our house!  Yes, I said we built our own house, but more importantly we turned it into a home!!  :)


Us having BEAUTIFUL children!!

Breann  Troy

Mine and Justin's life hasn't always been a smooth ride...such as when we experienced the death of my Granny, my Mom spending almost two weeks on a ventilator, our daughter's arm being broken when she fell off of the monkey bars, and the multiple other things that life has thrown our way.  But you know what...we would take the good with the bad times anytime, as they are what makes us who we are and that is what God has intended for us to do.  The important thing is we have even gotten through the tough times together.

People was continously warning us right before we got married (as my husband was still a senior in high school and he had the part-time job while I had the full-time job)...they would tell us that we needed to wait...that we had our whole lives ahead of us.  While I realize that it doesn't work out for all couples who marry so young like it has worked out for us...I am HAPPY we didn't wait and I am HAPPY we didn't listen to those who thought they knew what they were talking about.  In this situation, we knew what we felt and what we were talking about more than anyone and I am happy that we began sharing our lives together when we did and I look forward to growing old with this man!  By starting our lives together at such a young age, we were able to experience much of each other's life's stories together (instead of just hearing about what the other did when they were younger, we were actually there to share that happening...for example high school football games, field trips, and even proms).  We are very blessed to have started sharing our life at such an earlier point in our lives and it has definitely been great!

Up to this point, I am sure we have been together longer than some anticipated for us to we were warned...but so much good has came from us being a couple...our children, our family, our work in charity type of events (like this past Christmas with the help of others we were able to provide Christmas gifts to eighty needy kids), etc.  I also am grateful that we also were able to share one of the most important days in each other's life...when we invited God into our hearts and into our lives!  God is the reason for our being and for our blessings and we realize that every moment that we live, be, and do.

Although we have only been married nine years, we have been together twelve years.  Have we had a fairy tale a degree yes (it depends on what you are calling a fairy tale, but this life surely makes me happy), to another it hasn't been a fairy tale because we have had our ups as well as our downs...what has made it a fairy tale for us though is that we have stuck through and experienced everything with each other.  Just like right now, Justin has been out working VERY VERY VERY long hours since this winter storm hit on the 18th of Dec. (hardly any time for us), but it is our life together.  You know something...I wouldn't change a moment of our life for the world and one of the reasons why is because I am able to share any and every aspect with my life partner, my best friend, my husband!!

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