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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Already?!?

Or almost another oh...5 1/2 hours we will be welcoming in the new year-2010!  WOW!

A MeMe anyone?!?

1. Okay, first lets cover 2009...did you make any New Years Resolutions and did you succeed at accomplishing your goals?  Never really made a huge list of resolutions for 2009 so wasn't very much room for failure.  LOL

2. Any firsts for 2009 (something you had never did prior to this year)?  My husband and I took the kids to the beach.

3. Did you learn anything that you can really use throughout life in 2009?  Yes, although I have always been one to try to give to husband and I put together a project this year and it taught us SO MUCH through this experience.  On a much lighter note...I also taught myself how to crochet...which I can't believe I am saying this but it is super-de-duper fun!!

4. Do you believe you helped someone else in some way (no matter how great or small) this year?  I hope that I helped eighty kids and their families to learn about God even more so than before and even teach some the spirit of giving via the project we did.

5. Plans for New Year's Eve/New Year's Day?  I'll be spending New Year's Eve with my husband and our kids, at home and we will be having snacks and relaxing.

6. Did you lose anyone in 2009?  My husband's stepdad and a member of our Church passed away and it greatly saddened all of the Church.

7. What would you like to accomplish in 2010 that you haven't thusfar?  My degree that I have been working on for ages!!

8. What is something from 2009 you will always remember?  There are a few things...our kids learning to ride their bikes without training wheels, us going to the beach, our HUGE snow, our daughter's first softball season, our son lost his first tooth, a dog coming to our house and showing up just by chance so we named him Chance (and then we found his owners who were actually looking for a new home for him so guess where he ended up), my husband's sister's baby being born on our daughter's birthday, the Presidential Inauguration...

9. What was the greatest (funnest)thing you did all year?  We went to the beach.  Ahhh!!!

10. The worst?  Anytime we had to take our kids to the doctor (I'm sure they thought it sucked too).

11.  What was something great that you succeeded at in 2009?  I would say passing Math!  Whew...that is some tough stuff!!  But...we did a Christmas drive project that turned out spectacular and I am going to say that was my greatest achievement all year!!

12. What was your biggest failure this year (2009)?  I'd have to think on this one, but I would say any mistakes that I have made (although I try to learn from any mistakes I do make).

13. Were you sick any this year? Nothing huge.

14. What was the best thing you bought?  My husband bought me a new laptop.

15. Where did most of your budget go?  Bills.

16. What was your favourite TV show?  Days of Our Lives

17. Have you made any new friends in 2009?  Yes...some moms whose kids played softball with my daughter...Yolanda and Barb.

18. What was the best book you've read all year?  Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright, the librarian at my kids' school let me borrow it and it is a good read!!

19. What was your favorite movie that you watched this year? The Christmas Carol (in 3D) because we went as a family to the movies and watched it together.

20. How did you spend your birthday? Went out to eat.

21. How did you spend New Years Eve last year?  At a Night Watch Service at Church (we didn't have it this year due to the weather and utilities still being out due to the storm).

22. How did you spend Memorial Day?  Don't remember...other than getting my grandparents and uncle flowers for their graves.

23. How did you spend the 4th of July?  We went to fireworks and a celebration in town.

24. How did you spend Halloween?  We went to a Halloween party one night and then the night of Halloween we went to some friends' celebration at a Church.

25. How did you spend Thanksgiving?  I made dinner for family and we had Thanksgiving dinner here this year.

26. How did you spend Christmas?  Most people's utilities were still off due to a winter storm we had so I made dinner here and we had dinner and opened gifts here.  Justin got a limited amount of time off due to him having to help restore the electricity but I feel blessed that he was at least able to spend some time at home.

27. What was your favorite passtimes?  Spending time with family, blogging, web designing, photography, crocheting, going to my daughter's softball practices and games and geocaching.

28. Who did you miss this year?  My Granny...I miss her everyday...we were very close and she passed away before my daughter even turned one.

29. Who was the best new person you met?  The moms at my daughters softball practices and games...Yolanda and Barb have became my best friends!!

30. Any advice from experiences you learned from in 2009?  To trust, but not to trust too much.  Do good unto others and let Christ's light shine in everything you do.

Gotta' go...Justin is on his way...time to finish the ham rolls and other finger foods...

Happy New Year and may everyone have a blessed 2010!  :)


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm here to return the favor & am your newest follower. Happy New Year & Happy Anniversary!

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  5. Hi Jessica! This is awesome! You have a beautiful family and it's so nice to see other Christian bloggers on here :) Can't wait to read your other posts!