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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Gatlinburg Vacation

Our Gatlinburg vacation was a nice vacation. We began the vacation by taking the kids (and our friends and their kids came along) to a nice hotel with an indoor waterpark which the kids loved!

Then...we went shopping and had a nice time out and about.

A photo you say?  :)


After we returned home, Justin and I went for our time there and his Mom kept the kids for us (since it also was our Anniversary last week)
and we rented a cabin. The cabin was nice although it wasn't as secluded as we thought (and was told) it would be. There were some adjustments we would have made to the cabin if we were the owners of it but our time together was wonderful. We even roasted and made smores at the indoor fireplace. I'll never forget how my husband was so determined to build a fire in that fireplace so I could have smores...I REALLY wanted smores! LOL


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