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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breanns Awards

img6607sitepicI rearranged my regular work hours (which happen to be 9AM to 2PM on a normal week) to accommodate the kids awards and various activities this week.  I am still home in time for them to be home from school but I work 8:30AM to 2:25PM on the days I don't have activities at their school and 10:20AM to 2:25PM on the days that I do.

Anyhow...Breann had her awards ceremony Monday and she received the Principals Award and the Standards of Learning award.  Breann really stressed about her SOLs this year as she is a little perfectionist, but she did super...she made a perfect 600 on three out of four and 533 on the other one. Justin and I are SO VERY proud of her!!  :0)

This week she has had a FUN week at school as well...she has had various pool parties (and although I sent sun screen with her and she promised she used it, she he is very sunburned) and a picnic and is having a SUPER week! 

She is, however, sad because her best friend, Isabella, will be moving to a different school next year.  :0(  I can feel her pain.  I have had friends move during my school years and I know how she must be feeling.  I think she will always miss her friend, but she will become a stronger person and find even more friends as she is a wonderful person who almost anybody can be friends with.  I am confident she will have a wonderful year next year (as a big fourth grader, WOW)!  :0}

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