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Monday, August 16, 2010

School Time Already?!?

Well the kids (and us) had a busy summer this, them going to work with me, Breann's ballgames, taking my mom to Charlottesville, cookouts, birthday parties, Vacation Bible School, oodles and oodles of pool parties, Troy and his dad's fishing trip, ice cream treats, etc., etc., etc.  But...they start back to school this morning (around the time that this is being posted up to be exact). 

My hopes is that each of them will enjoy the grade they are going into as much as possible.  I know neither of them really enjoy school, but I am going to strive to show them how to be true to our feelings but make the most of things (even the things we like the least).  They each make such good grades and we are so very proud of them, but I really want them to enjoy school more than what they do.  School is something they must do, and my one wish is that they will enjoy it.

My prayer is that God will lead them through the school year in whatever projects they take on.  I hope they know that God is always there watching over them and He will lead them in whatever direction they need to go if they will just follow.

I love my babies so much!!  :-)


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