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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Little Corner 2006-2008

ebookbookcover2006thru2So...this e-book being now up for grabs (for family and friends) is very, VERY exciting for me.  This is the very first e-book that I have did for the purpose of capturing the moments of our busy lives as individuals as well as a family and putting them into book form.  I started my blog/website a few years ago with the purpose of updating family and friends of the many happenings in our lives and also with the purpose of "documenting" life as it happens so that we (me, my husband, and our kids) can look back and see all that we have did in our lives...each as our own person as well as together as a family.  I can honestly say my posts on my site does exactly what I need for them to do...they update who needs to be updated and "document" what needs to be as well.  It has been a HUGE project to work on to get all of my blog posts into e-book form, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment with this, the first one, being done. 

This is the first e-book I have finished and it is Our Little Corner 2006-2008.  Readers will find a bunch of different topics and photos related to these topics in there.  From the kids very first vacation to Breann's talent show and Troy spending a day fishing.  There are even holidays, birthdays, and even Breann's Kindergarten Graduation in this one.

Here is the table of contents (which has been made clickable for larger viewing) so you can see the many different things listed in this e-book.

2006thru8tableofcontent are a few snippets from the e-book itself.

2006thru8tableofsnapsho  2006thru8tableofsnapsho2 2006thru8tableofsnapsho3  2006thru8tableofsnapsho5

If you are a family member or friend and want to request your copy, please contact me and let me know by filling out the form and be sure to specify which e-book you are requesting.  This one is called Our Little Corner 2006-2008.  Please keep in mind that I do reserve the right to decline requests.


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