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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Busy Weekend and an Update!

lilly1My husband and I have a busy weekend planned.  As I posted earlier this week, my Mom had her right lung transplant surgery on Sunday.  She is doing VERY well.  She is walking around and they even let her go without her oxygen for a bit today.  It is just AMAZING.  I mean from around two years ago..well over two years ago, actually, my Mom has been hooked to a hose...this is my lifeline she would say as she would pick up her oxygen hose.  It broke my heart and I felt helpless, although we were trying to do everything we could to keep her here with us (even if it was only for a little while longer).

My brother and me and Justin would take turns driving her back and forth every few months to the doctor so she could remain on the list for a transplant and I rode with her in the ambulance to the hospital (as they couldn't fly the day she received the call due to bad weather).  We all were scared and while her kids, her husband, her grandkids, and one of her sisters and her family were gathered around her encouraging her and even praying for her...she was not scared...she was excited to finally LIVE again!!

I remember the day that her surgery took place, Mom was not as scared as would be expected...I am just anxious to breathe, she said.  And...breathe she is...I am just overcome with joy.

At the same time...I realize that the donor's family is probably somewhere grieving the loss of this very special person.  The thought of this breaks my heart, but I am overcome with gratitude for what they have done.  SO MANY people got transplants done the day my Mom did...there were several, but at least four we know of...the right lung, the left lung, the heart, and the kidney and pancreas. is just truly amazing how God can guide these doctors to save people who would otherwise hopelessly die without something like this being done.  Again, WOW!!

Anyhow, Justin and I were supposed to leave for Charlottesville to head back up and sit with my Mom this weekend...we were actually supposed to leave out this evening.  But...Troy has ended up with poison ivy..and I mean in a bad kind of way.  So...I am not going to leave my little boy here being that way.  He has a follow-up doctors appointment in the morning and the plans are for us to leave out in the morning after his doctors appointment if he is all straightened out.

Shew, it's been an emotional week...a roller coaster ride of sorts for sure...from my Mom's transplant to my little boy's poison ivy...but I can honestly say that God works it all out and I thank Him for the many blessings He blesses us with!


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