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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014


Me and the kids in the Breaks, VA.

My Mother's Day couldn't have been better. I have been fed dinner, had nice things bought for me, went to church, and Justin and I got to spend time with our Moms. Most importantly though I got a lot of hugs, was told "Happy Mother's Day" a gazillion or so times, went on an evening walk with my daughter (something we've started to do regularly and I love walking and talking with her), and I got to see things like this photo I took this evening of my husband and son. Other than our Moms and kids this is the best gift my husband could ever give me...he's such a good husband and dad, and I love the way I can get a photo without them noticing every now and then. Look at how Troy just looks up to his dad! I'm blessed! These are my true gifts! I love my family! ♡


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